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Solution for 3D Lemmings Winterland - Level 2 "Lemmings Groto"

The first lemmings must explode at the white pyramid, so time it good

Then set a turner to the right at this point. The first lemmings who turns has to bomb away the next white pyramid in your way

Set the next turner one field diagonally away from the black pyramid. The lemmings walk through the first tunnel. On the other side you need another bomber

Now set two turners (the first to the right, the second to the left) and build stairs over the black pyramid

The first lemming who drops down from the stairs has to bomb away the next white pyramid. Then make the next lemming a turner to the right

The lemmings will now walk towards a black pyramid, so build stairs over it. Behind the tunnel you have to build more stairs over another pyramid

And then you will have to bomb away the next white pyramid and set a turner to the right

Now build some stairs over the white pyramid that comes into your way

Now you need three turnes (right, left, right) and the lemmings will walk into the exit

Solution by Grizzly 05-09-2003